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LAVA Receives Prestigious 1996 "Product of the Year" Award from Imaging Magazine

LAVA Systems Also Named One of 40 Companies to Watch in 1997 By Imaging World

Toronto, ON – 1997-1-13 – LAVA 4.4, the Web-enabled document management, imaging, and workflow solution from LAVA Systems, Inc. (TSE:LVA), has been named 1996 "Product of the Year" byImaging Magazine, withImaging Worldalso listing LAVA Systems among "40 Companies to Watch" in 1997.

"This year we've seen some truly superb products,"Imaging Magazinewrote in the introduction to its current awards issue. "[The winners] stand out from the crowd. They beat the competition by a country mile on speed, price, capacity--or they take imaging in a new direction. Our 1996 Product of the Year awards honor what we think are the best."

This is the second time in eight monthsImaging Magazinehas bestowed honors on LAVA Systems, having selected LAVA's 4.3 release for a coveted "Editor's Choice" award for June, 1996.

"Technology pushes this industry like few others. ... From 1996 we've chosen a dozen (or so) products that burned brightly,"Imaging Worldwrote in its current issue. "LAVA Systems poured out its LAVA, an integrated document management, image management and workflow tool in a single, scaleable solution. The system reflects five years of product development, showing it is possible to exchange information between client-server environments and a host-processing system."

Dan Elam of IMERGE, among the group of leading industry consultants and analysts responsible for choosing the 40 companies honored byImaging World, said LAVA Systems "really seems to have its act together. (LAVA's) IPO went well, it has solid management, and it even seems to have a product that works."

"We are very excited to have been honored in two of the industry's leading publications," said Peter Hamilton, president and CEO of LAVA Systems. "Clearly, the industry acknowledges that in the past year LAVA not only identified a market demand for integrated document management, imaging, and workflow solutions that can be tied to host processing systems, but also was the first to deliver a real product to meet this growing need.

"We were particularly pleased to have been recognized as a company to watch in 1997," Hamilton added. "While we will keep building on the success we saw over the past 12 months, LAVA Systems is committed to breaking new industry ground in 1997 by offering new and enhanced products to truly information-enable world class enterprises."