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OpenText AI and Analytics 16

Operationalizing AI to power the intelligent and connected enterprise with insights from big data and big content

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Unlock insights from all enterprise data, including text documents and social media, with OpenText™ Magellan™, the AI data analytics platform that incorporates the OpenText™ Magellan™ Analytics Suite and powerful, open-source big data and content analytics tools. OpenText AI and Analytics makes it easier to acquire, transform and analyze the data needed for AI. By incorporating machine learning, enterprises can spot and visualize patterns, predict trends and enhance, optimize and automate business processes that power the Intelligent and Connected Enterprise.

EP6 is focused on enhancing data processing and distribution as well as the machine learning testing and validation features within Magellan. EP6 also makes OpenText™ Magellan™ Text Mining available as a service in the cloud.

What is new in OpenText™ Magellan™ 16 EP6?

  • Optimizes machine learning through automated ML model testing and validation

    Offers an out-of-the-box easy mechanism for Line-of-Business users to test and validate ML models, saving data scientists time. Allows users to track and manage model validation history, saved into Magellan.

    Improves the user experience of executives with new visualizations and interactivity options and adds a Smart UI purpose-built for Line-of-Business subject matter experts. Data scientists, analysts and subject matter experts each get their preferred interfaces, which are connected to speed collaboration and teamwork for faster results.

  • Includes smart UI for Line-of-Business users to experience Modern BI

    Provides users with more powerful, yet easier to use options for executing the full spectrum analytic workflows, from data access, ingestion, preparation, interactive analysis and the collaborative sharing of insights, through compelling enterprise-scale dashboards.

    Enriches self-service report and dashboard authoring experience with Treemap and Histogram charts in Analytics Studio and Dashboard Editor. Enhances the dashboard analysis experience with cross-filtering and global-scope filter selectors.

  • Makes getting the data for AI easier

    Adds a full-fledged ETL, powered by Apache NiFi, an easy to use, highly-configurable, and immensely scalable and reliable system to process and distribute data. The new self-service data preparation and big data ETL capabilities make it even easier for business users to create their own data objects. Includes a new unified UI for Magellan Text Mining to make insights drawn from enterprise content management systems more accessible.

  • Offers Magellan Text Mining as a service in the cloud

    Makes key components of Magellan Text Mining, such as categorizing and classifying content, performing sentiment analysis, recognizing named entities and summarizing text, available as an OT2 service. Allows users to manage enterprise content management (ECM) as easy as crawling the web and Twitter to unlock insights from all enterprise data, not just structured sources.

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