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OpenText Discovery 16

Advanced AI and automation help legal teams move through eDiscovery, investigations and regulatory compliance processes efficiently to find the information that matters faster

OpenText™ Discovery 16 provides end-to-end technology for eDiscovery, forensic data collection, contract analysis and knowledge management. Using powerful machine learning, unstructured data analytics and automation, legal teams can manage, search, analyze and produce critical information for discovery, investigations and compliance.

OpenText Discovery 16 includes

  • OpenText EnCase

    Trusted and judicially recognized solution for collecting digital evidence from networks, endpoints and mobile devices and on-premises legal hold management.

  • OpenText Axcelerate

    Powers fast fact-finding and efficient document review with concept search, communications mapping, phrase analysis, auto-redaction and continuous machine learning.

  • OpenText Perceptiv

    Helps organizations conquer complex financial derivative contracts and more with capture, organization and analysis.

  • OpenText Decisiv and OpenText Core for Legal

    Contributes to wholistic legal content and knowledge management, access and process optimization.

  • OpenText Legal Hold

    Automates interrelated legal hold and preservation tasks, integrates with enterprise systems, and brings ease and visibility to the process—in the cloud.

  • OpenText Insight

    Accelerates review of large volumes of data for litigation, investigations and compliance leveraging machine learning and automation.

What is new in OpenText Discovery 16 EP6?

  • Axcelerate Predictive Filtering

    Allows users to craft more targeted eDiscovery searches with predictive scores that give legal investigators insight into the most likely relevant keywords, metadata fields and more. Supervised machine learning continuously updates predictive scores as new data is reviewed, surfacing hidden trends and patterns that lead to more accurate and efficient searches.

  • EnCase Legacy Data Management

    Remediates hundreds to thousands of hard drives stored under potentially obsolete corporate legal holds methodologically and defensibly. Eliminates unnecessary storage costs and reduces legal risk exposure by remediating data that is no longer necessary to retain for legal purposes. This new service combines OpenText Professional Services expertise and technology to analyze, organize and dispose of hard drives.

  • Insight

    Offers a complete set of review, multi-matter management and machine learning capabilities to give enterprises more control and drive efficient and repeatable eDiscovery. Controls the flow of legal documents to improve security, reduce risk and provide a strategic advantage. Cuts costs by reusing data across matters. Standardizes eDiscovery and offers data-driven insight across cases to control legal spend.

  • Legal Hold

    Harnesses the power of automation and the cloud to drive efficient legal hold and preservation tasks. Minimizes the risk and costly mistakes of using spreadsheets and email to manage holds. Automates interrelated preservation tasks and synchronizes with IT and HR systems to create, distribute and track notices, send custodian questionnaires and automate enterprise triggers for IT task suspension. Uses integrated remote collection capabilities to collect from custodians across the world—or pair it with OpenText™ EnCase™ eDiscovery.

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