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OpenText People Center

Earn employee engagement with seamless HR information access and fast issue resolution

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The best places to work make HR processes simple and easy for everyone. Employees want access to relevant documents and policies without having to log into multiple systems or websites. They want smart guidance on tasks they need to complete. They want their HR partners to have the power to quickly solve straightforward issues and proactively manage the tougher ones. They expect their information to be kept confidential and handled with sensitivity and compliance. This seamless employee experience can be challenging to deliver when the underlying data and business processes reside in multiple systems and content repositories.

OpenText People Center is an application that helps HR departments save time and optimize resources. It gives HR the ability to improve employee self-service and also to respond more easily to employee inquiries, quickly access necessary documents and gain visibility into key measurements and indicators. By combining an employee portal with advanced case and document management capabilities, People Center boosts employee self-service and HR team productivity, positively transforming the employee experience.

OpenText People Center Benefits

  • Provide a better employee experience: Add self-service for routine information requests and processes while improving HR team productivity with advanced ticketing and case management. Easily capture, respond and track inquiries and requests. Optional modules support employee onboarding and recruiting and hiring.
  • Centralize content and gain compliance with consistent access and practices across the employee base.
  • Gain visibility into HR services. Track and report on key metrics. Quickly integrate to relevant backend systems.

Personalized Experience for Employees, HR Service Centers, and HR Managers

People Center provides a personalized experience for employees seeking answers and for HR professionals working to provide employees with the best possible service. Behind the scenes, People Center integrates with relevant backend HR systems and document repositories so that information stays synchronized.

See People Center in action. Watch a 2 minute demo video

More than a Document Repository

HR processes such as employee onboarding, open enrollment, and ongoing payroll and benefits management involve a lot of paper and electronic documents. OpenText People Center takes advantage of best-in-class enterprise content management capabilities to give you the tools to manage, control access to, route, sign, and archive the right documents to the right people at the right time. In addition, HR can quickly create, review and publish help topics and other supporting documents for employees.

Advanced Case Management for Faster Issue Resolution

In addition, People Center includes a comprehensive case management system to capture and track inquiries and requests and to empower HR team members to make decisions based on best practices and guardrails. With advanced case management capabilities, HR teams can easily define each policy workflow and specify the information and actions needed to drive resolution.

Designed for HR Ease

People Center is designed specifically for the challenges of HR: employee self-service, quick document access and compliance with diverse global regulations. People Center is natively mobile, addressing employees’ needs to access information anywhere, anytime.

Simplified Employee Onboarding

The optional Employee Onboarding Module available with OpenText People Center makes it fast and efficient to exchange information with your new hires and electronically capture all of the necessary paperwork with minimal hassle. OpenText brings together all of the documents and HR processes from disparate content repositories and back-end systems in a simple, personalized web or mobile experience.

Efficient Recruiting and Applicant Tracking

The optional Recruiting and Hiring Module coordinates recruiting activities and simplifies recordkeeping for compliance purposes. It provides a comprehensive system for tracking applicants and managing the hiring process with guidance for hiring managers and HR at every step.


Easily integrate with existing HRIS systems via APIs or direct integrations. IT has access to configurable connectors for common systems such as Oracle or SAP along with the full power of web services-based integrations.

Your Processes, Your Way

Leverage a low-code development environment to add and extend the out-of-the-box People Center application to fit your needs.

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